I Can (will) No Longer Tolerate Your Intolerance      

All of us who become so quickly offended by tolerance or intolerance:

WomenNotObjects.com has become entirely intolerant of the sex trades tolerance for what is deemed to be “the objectification of women”.  Do you think they might try and tackle the porn industry? (and all the Congressional support for this income) Might they hold accountable the music and movie industries, performers like Beyoncé, Cardi-B and Mylee Cyrus? How about Amy Schumer and 300 other female “comedians” who feel it necessary to objectify women so that their careers may flourish?

MADD has become aggressively intolerant of those who choose to drink and drive. The  alcohol industry is not their target—it is the individual who drinks and drives that cannot be tolerated. Intolerance begins at .02%-0.8% and ends with jail time AFTER the crime.

Anti-Violence Movement has become aggressively intolerant of people killing people. The bullet and the gun are not listening to their words—it is the individual who abuses that must not be tolerated—or should we?

Black Lives Matter will no longer tolerate the biased, prejudicial treatment of people of color. City governments don’t seem to want to tolerate the luting, burning and destruction by the BLM protestors.

Millionaire sports figures want to hold allegiance to our flag and country hostage as a solution for the prejudice and wrong committed by a few. They tolerate disrespect in the name of being intolerant to disrespect.

Police departments that are infected with bigoted and prejudiced officers–This shall no longer be tolerated?

No Child Left Behind refused, on paper, to tolerate any child being ignored and treated as insignificant. Might our aggressive, “lead the world” educational system tolerate and support such abandonment of children in the name of unfettered progressivism?

Gang activities will continue and, “you people might as well put away your intolerance of our activities”.

Our job as a news media outlet is to represent the news without bias and without legislation, indoctrination, or favoritism. We will abandon this, however, and we will no longer tolerate your intolerant beliefs of _________________________.

White blood cells will continue not tolerating the presence of infection in your body and mine. (we hope)

Martin Luther King refused to tolerate the prejudice and hatred of others yes, but more-so, he would not tolerate retribution and violence as a corrective for such injustice.

Martin Luther, with his 95 thesis, would no longer tolerate the indulgences and unethical abuses of the priesthood.

Larry Mc Murtry, the author of Lonesome Dove wrote,

Lonesome Dove

Husbands and wives must determine if they will tolerate “cheating” or if they perhaps will encourage it.

Teachers and administrators must determine if they will tolerate “cheating” or if they will ignore it or inspire it.

Churches now routinely decide if they will tolerate members with out-of-closet behaviors that are inconsistent with the scriptures. “Ministers” may now practice the same deviant behaviors and be rewarded as such?

NOTE: It is no longer a shock for Ministers to be considered intolerable and so dismissed (fired) by members (committees) within congregations for believing and practicing the intolerant truths of scripture.

These words are often heard, “Build all the Christian churches you want in my town, but we will not tolerate a temple or a mosque.”

Here’s some intolerance: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) Pretty narrow, self-centered, bigoted for him to think that he was/is the ONLY WAY to God. And he paid a dear price in the end. Many of his followers, per his instruction, are still carrying on this tradition of “one way” religious “bigotry and intolerance”.

Greed and more greed on Wall Street and in Washington shall be tolerated as long as my pockets get some of it. Otherwise, Bern.

USA—Freedom for the lewd, indecent, corrosive, base and vile (See RAP) shall continue to be tolerated and enjoyed by consumers in the name of free speech. If you happen to be one of those religious nuts who offends us with your intolerance, then we, the tolerant, will take your job and put you out of business.

Biological Sex and Gender no longer matter--only how I feel about what I am (fluidity). Choosing to be on the side of science here and denying my feelings will not be tolerated. Before long, I will have the law on my side, and we will punish you for your intolerance.

What we can clearly see in America is, what a man wrongly tolerates, his children will exceed.” Our denial of a true moral standard (the bible) causes the line in the sand of what we will tolerate or not to regress in greater permissiveness, not less. Then, when the fallout reaches a point where we can tolerate it no longer, of necessity, we create more laws of intolerance and begin again.

Oh that intolerance was as simple as lactose.

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