THESE 8R ONE in the same

Abortion has many facets and several reasons for doing what it does to people.

Here are EIGHT in practice today

Abortion as Family Planning            (failing to plan)

Abortion as Healthcare                      (one patient dies and other grieves…)

Abortion as Population Control       (reduction by killing-off)

Abortion as Human Rights                (right to murder)

Abortion as Gender Preference       (“wrong” sex is eliminated)

Abortion as Ethnicity Regulation    (“wrong” ethnicity aborted)

Abortion as Handicap Prevention   (imperfect are unacceptable)

Abortion as Income Generation       (abortion providers dead inside


Abortion is an innocent helpless child yielding to its captors–

    giving up its life without choice or trial–

    and in the most horrific of ways to die.

Abortion and Infanticide are evil cousins with no good intention.

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