“THE AMERICAN PEOPLE believe________”

Ever heard this line,

“THE AMERICAN PEOPLE believe__________________”.

Republicans do it. They say, “The American people believe that the media is the enemy of the people.” Reality check says that less than 30% are surveyed to “believe” this statement. The Republican goal is to create a majority image.

Democrats do it. They say, “The American people believe that a single payer health insurance is the solution to our health care for all”. Reality check says that less than 40% believe that the Government can handle this task efficiently and responsibly. The Democrat goal is to create a majority image.

Fact Checkers promoted as “Independent” are even in on the fun.

I liken their ruse to the $10.99 special deal. Retail business knows that most people are deceived by the .99 even after all their years of seeing it. They understand that “MOST” people will buy the $10.99 item before the same one listed as $11.00. The power of slick advertising.

A dominance of Republicans and Democrats want us to believe that ALL AMERICANS think, believe and act like them because they need us to. They want votes and money so that they can obtain more votes and money so that they can have the most power and prestige.

Republicans and Democrats happily divide the people, then proclaim we all are on their side. They create a carnival like atmosphere in which we join their team to do battle with the enemy—an enemy that they postulate doesn’t exist on one hand, yet it lives in order to steal away Democracy and all that is truly American. They want us to side as if we are having a tailgate party for our chosen sports team as we bash the opposition to smithereens based upon their fact and truth advertising campaign.

IN SPORTS: At least when a player is injured the opposing team will applaud when they stand up and when they are taken to the hospital, or when we hear that they are OK. Yet, we have become so divided politically that many would-be friends will live as sworn enemies and wish them evil.



A survey was taken on the reliability of surveys revealing that 9 out of 10 surveys can be proven between 40 and 60 percent accurate when taken on a full moon by a Dwarf.

Surveys often tell us the obvious like, “6 out of 7 Dwarfs are not Happy”.


We don’t need a survey to see that America is truly a divided nation.

Much of our divisiveness is justified and even necessary for our people’s republic to be healthy.

So, let’s not pretend that our political parties carry any dignified weight in promoting “Americans Believe ______”, when clearly half of them do not. We know truth from lie and fact from fiction. Being Blue or Red should never compromise the truth. Truth is where our loyalty lies.

And don’t sacrifice a friend for a belief unless he/she believes the Seven Dwarfs aren’t real.

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