Saint Nikki takes over as SANTA

Well, isn’t it about time we got modern and did the right thing by Christmas? # Me Too is not just about male TV moguls, actors, preachers, politicians and teachers gone bad. It is also about women taking over all these traditionally men’s roles so that no one (male and female) is further objectified or manipulated into doing something they will have to later give an account for or regret.

Enter: Saint Nikki. She is clean, neat, has no accusations, no rap sheet, and most of all female.

Of course, the elves will have to vote on such a change and Papa Claus must willingly yield his throne as well. Keep in mind that he is a PWM (Privileged White Male) so getting rid of him for good should be a piece of cane.

O yes, one more thing. Please ignore the actual history about Santa Claus. The fact that he really was male mustn’t be taken too seriously.

Be informed so that you can vote Santa out with dignity.

One: Santa “Sinter” Claus “Klass” was indeed a man. He was an ardent Christian who practiced the heart of the gospel by doing works that resembled his faith in a God who GAVE His Son. He was present at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

Two: The real Santa is no fairy tale or Christmas trickery. In the 4th century AD, “Sinter Klaas” used his position and status of Bishop to care for the needy children by lavishing gifts and good cheer to them.

Three: Bishop Santa picking up and moving to the North Pole, having abilities like knowing who is bad or good, using elves for manufacturing and flying reindeer are (sorry kids) all made up. That’s right. Fake News as they say, but quite necessary for the economy.


How difficult it must be for a progressive, anti-Christian, materialistic culture to hate and demean the very season that puts food on their tables and gives them an excuse to be with family. Santa, Christ and Christmas ARE this holiday. A secular society must make a benign Christ, a neutral Christmas and a universal Holiday. The non-Christian world must re-create all three (Christ, Christmas and Holiday) in their image in order to participate at any level with good conscience.

The Christian must love and care for all of these people, especially those who only know of Christmas as a Holiday or an office party.


I suppose it was only a matter of time before enemies of the PWM –privileged-white-male patriarchy had to reach and dismantle even one of our oldest and dearest characters.

So—so-long Santa and welcome Sister Nikki. Let’s hope all of this is in time for this years Christmas. Nikki will need all the experience she can garner if we are to receive our gifts as promised.


In other news, lawyers for Rudolph, aka “Rude-olpf”, the Red nosed Reindeer are certain that they have a good case against all the other reindeer that used to call him names. It is reported that they are bully deer and must be sent to reform school where they will receive sensitivity training towards deer who are not like them.


PS   While the made-up Santa continues to make our receiving a gift conditional upon our behavior (good of course) the real Santa would never have done this.

Here is why: “Money paid to workers isn’t a gift. It is something they earn by working. But you cannot make God accept you because of something you do. God accepts sinners only because they have faith in Him”  Romans 4:4-5

Romans 6 23


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