Little Micky was celebrated 4 months before he was born. Mom and dad threw him a gender reveal party. Little did they know that just 17 months later, on his first birthday, they would be giving him yet another party. This one—a Gender REPEAL Party. It seems that little Micky would never let go of his Barbie doll and he smiled each time he saw pink. How could such loving parents get it so wrong? It happens more than we all think. The good news is that mom and dad had the good sense to find an ethics-less “doctor” and begin treatments early—long before his male hormones would naturally, biologically, scientifically begin to do their thing and wrongly make him male for life.


It is party time now and little MICKI is all smiles in her pink car and daintily tasseled binky. Committed to nothing but this confused child’s happiness, mom and pop pulled out all the stops. Then the moving speech from mom went forth:


“Thank you all for coming today. I must confess that it is hard to confess that we missed something so important about our child. When we saw how happy he, I mean she (it’s gonna take a while) has been since we read all her signals to us about her gender—well—this makes it so much easier to tell you all how we messed up and nearly ruined our child for life. Today, we make all things right. Today we repeal her male gender assignment and hold our heads high with pride.”


Please, everyone, a toast. To Micki—our precious little girl who may one day be our president or at least on the board of Disney or Mattel. May she grow up in a world that is far removed from cisgender hatred. May she never become a plumber, steel-worker, trash collector or logger. May her surgeries and psychological health go much differently than all the others who have tried. Micki!


At the time of this writing, Micki had thrown her socks and underwear on the floor refusing to pick them up. (more in keeping with Micky) Parents are indicating that another Repeal Party may be forthcoming. Said the dad, “It’s tough being the parents of a strong willed, gender confused child! We’re not confused. They keep making up our minds for us.”


  1. There is much wisdom in negative emotions such as fear and guilt. What parent, out of fear, fails to teach their young children to not play in the street. Can you imagine a world where whatever a man did, he had no guilt? In my opinion, guilt is to the spirit as pain is to the body. Guilt declares we have done something wrong and urges a correction for our selves. There is much wisdom in negative emotions, and many times they are life preserving. It’s o’k to visit Disney World, but don’t live there.


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