TEAR GAS IS NO LONGER NEEDED AT THE BORDER. Adel to provide tears. The “Adel Effect”.

Hillary Clinton teamed up with Adele once again for yet another show-stopper.

At Hillary’s request, selected border agents were to play Adele music.

At 3:30 Pacific Standard Time speakers at the border fence began beaming forth the first of many Adele songs.

The hope was that all the migrants would be uplifted by the soothing music and that the border guards would allow all migrants to pass, having been spell-bound by the emotion-laden music and depressive lyrics.


But her plan backfired.

1-Males began running backwards and away from the speakers.

They were mumbling, “please stop—we will go back peacefully.”

2-Women and girls were crying uncontrollably, filed with regrets at having left their  homeland and boyfriends.

3-Children were confused and begged for the music to be turned off.

4-Caring parents and senior citizens were braving their way back through the barbed wire fences.

5-Border guards were provided ear protection and seemed to be immune to the Adele-Effect.

At the time of this writing, President Trump had ordered that Adele music be played without stopping until the Immigrants had decided either to go back home or to apply legally to the United States. He thanked Hillary for her work! He then suggested that a medal of honor be given to Adele and that we acknowledge forever the “Adele Effect.”

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