As soon as we ban one form of weaponry, the skilled human uses yet another weapon.

When a law is created (not saying we should not have laws and background checks) we discover the craftiness of the lawbreaker. Any man or woman determined to inflict violence will do so and the law is powerless to stop them. At best, we capture and punish them as the law defines.

After several generations of complaining, who can “fix it”?

Asking our gridlocked political system full of politicians needing to stay in office (and raise more funds to do so) is akin to asking the homeless to donate funds for the poor. It has become a contradiction of terms.

We might sooner see the NRA joining hands with the ACLU. We might sooner watch the multi-billion-dollar sports world and Hollywood crowd join hands and dollars — take a knee and “fix” the problem of evil in our midst. Might they call on one of their “Super Heroes”?

The reason it feels like “Nobody is doing anything” about the senseless murders of school children is because the events are escalating beyond anyone’s control.

As our culture becomes more and more secular-humanist, we can expect more–not less, crime and deviancy. As we become smarter, we only make smarter criminals. As soon as we ban assault weapons, another will take its place. If a crock pot is used consistently, there will be the need to ban crock-pots, and then only criminals will have crockpots. Add knives, battery acid, and even chemical weapons to the list, and the hopeless feelings swell within us all.

As wonderful, needed and appreciated as they are, the police cannot save us.

They most often must arrive after the fact, and they have very restrictive budgets. The law cannot defend us. It is powerless against evil.

The government can only tax and spend such that their fiscal constituents and lobbyists are satisfied while pretending to make us safer.

Preachers and churches today are far too engaged in their own “health and prosperity” movement to get their hands dirty. They cease to represent Christ when they solicit/spend/work only for their little empires and not His Kingdom.

Broken lives make for broken families, neighborhoods, towns, cities, states and a country. Guns and all forms of weaponry used against innocent people are symptoms of a progressive Godlessness, not the cause. Treating symptoms, as popular as this might be, is impotent to cure our bent towards evil.

Violence with guns, knives and acid are much like Global Warming.

We want things that satisfy our demands for luxury, convenience, relief from pain, and ticket to pleasure. Some of us will take drastic measures to satisfy our lust, anger and demand. Human behavior is tough to change and even more difficult to predict.

Add to all of this the rapid onset of behavioral drugs in this country. then add opioids, alcohol, psychotropics and other illegal substances that are out of control. We have 10% of the world’s population and over 50% of the worlds drug use and psychiatrists.

If a boat is sinking because there is a hole in the bottom, then cover the hole. But if it is also sinking because of illusive cracks in the side and several people pouring water in from the outside–then there are three causes of sinking. So it is with deaths by people who use guns to accomplish their resolve. They are illusive, relentless and obviously dangerous.

I have a solution for violence with guns (not gun violence) and I have been actively doing it for most of my life. I have joined with millions of others in this life-giving adventure. Continue to strengthen families by promoting Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Nothing could be more ridiculed than this today in America and such ridicule is why we must look without to an impotent government or within for our own cleverness and deliverance from people acting out their violence.


No one could say all this better than Paul Harvey. “The rest of the story” man.   

I leave you with this 1965 recording (3 minutes,22 seconds) of his prophetic announcement of where we find ourselves today. Listen, be inspired to go and #Do Something.




  1. Though what are your thoughts on the promotion of mythology and spiritual traditions from other cultural centers than the Judeo Christian history? Could these too be implemented to instill morals, values, etc? Could studies in comparative mythology help young ones to obtain a deeper level of compassion, understanding of the world, our place in it, and so on?


    1. Hi Clark,

      Modern science separates religions from morality and religion prefers it’s own good works and self-sustenance over the inner transformation of grace found in Christianity. If studies in mythology and comparative religion offers hope in the many societal ills we face, I welcome such efforts to be forthcoming.

      To date, however, religion has proven itself as impotent as government/law at curing our ills. Christ on the other hand (and some churches/Christians) rejects mans efforts at being “good” or moral as a means of justification. It is the sacrifice of Christ alone, and my repentance unto it, that can make me morally/spiritually acceptable to God, no matter how philanthropic I might become on my own. This conversion (New Birth) becomes the seed-bed from which one grows to become, not more religious and self-sufficient, but more like Christ himself. Then compare the murder/kill statistics of Jesus and Muhammad, for example.

      Further, the unconscionable 20th century murder and war death rates prove that subjective morality (the new religion) is not a secure wall to lean on. We still lock our doors at night and will for the foreseeable future.


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