Men for More — MfM–Abolishing Adultery, Marriage and Divorce for Good

Glenn W. Harrell

Men and women. You are welcome here.

MfM-Men for More is an organization representing the cause of freedom for men.

Man is animal in his passions and desires. To cage this animal is not natural in nature. We believe that men must be free to love, not only whomever, but just how many and what type as well. We seek to do away with the whole notion of “adultery”. Such religious pinning’s are not only archaic, but offensive as well. We must advance as a culture beyond the small minds of religious zealots and politics of slavery. Further, we are thankful to see marriage itself going away. Marriage is a Christian ideology and creation that has been forced upon people for too many years.

In our plan, you get one blood test and one certificate from the county office. No marriage and you still get tax breaks and benefits for yourself and each of your partners. How could this get any better? With no marriage, you guessed it—No Adultery or Divorce. No husband—No Wife! You wanted the government and church out of your bedroom and we are offering that benefit to you.

Yes, we are getting resistance.

Brides, wanting their silly ceremonies, pay billions to the industry. They don’t like us. Lawyers are losing millions in divorce settlement revenues. No matter their venom, neither the church, lawyers nor the courts shall define morality for us.

Men for More is a 501c3 not for profit. For your tax deductible donation of $3,000.00 or more, we can assure you that we can buy our way in and through the Washington Lobby System. With your membership, we offer a whole free year in the MfM’s dating service. But wait, there’s more. You get two free passes to the MfM Rally and Parade in our nation’s Capital.

Still not convinced? A special drawing will take place that can send you to the White House where you and your partners get to join the President and his/her partners in flipping on the switch that lights up the front of our Capitol Building with the MfM bright and colorful logo! Sweet! Can’t get any more progressive than that.

Respectfully, Fallin Offmyrocker   President of MfM


Still thinking about it? Consider these glowing testimonials:

Man, in his truest evolutionary state is mere animal still. He was never meant to be tied down in a monogamous relationship for life. Everything in nature screams no to this fallacy, the invention of marriage and the notion of adultery or unfaithfulness. Men for More has it right and they have my support. Let’s bury these moral misfits, adultery, marriage and divorce, and dig them up in another world for a hearty laugh.”

Dr. So Sezeye, Professor of Archeology, Helpusall University


I am in the pulpit each and every Sunday as a minister of the good word. (selected and random word that is) Finally, some helpful people come along and lift my soul from out of the mire. They placed a cool, soothing balm on my soul of grief and gave me the courage to come out of my closet. Men for More is truly a savior. No longer must I feel guilty for sharing the excessive love I have for my wife with others in the flock who are in need as well. At present, I have six partners and with the absence of adultery, I am considering more. # Their needs matter too!

You may have seen on social media that the president of Men for More and I have a thing. Well, it’s true. We aren’t hiding it and we are very proud. Still, the good folks on the personnel committee have seen the light. In spite of my wife’s fury and running home to mommy, they have lifted me up to the status of Bishop and I will be representing all of our denomination in the days ahead. Glory to God and thank you MfM.”    Sincerely,

The Most Right Reverend Bishop Toomuchlovetogive    (fit that on a business card)


No one has a bigger closet than us politicians and it is no secret that the bedroom has been our brokerage firm. I join with the rest of my colleagues who not only support MfM, but give much more than that. (can’t say how much more at this time) As a Senior Congressman, I have submitted legislation that will forever redefine laws in our land that presently reference religious morality as defined by “holy books” or church doctrines. They have no place in our modern, enlightened and progressive culture. Our free society of pluralism must not tolerate religious fanaticism (Judaeo-Christian-mumbo-jumbo) such as was present in the founding of this country.

By definition, morality must be defined by the will of the people and majority vote. If that fails to get the result I want, well, we Congressmen happen to know members of the Supreme Court.

By administration, morality does not belong to just one group and our religions must be separate (silenced) on this matter. Concerning the President, he/she (hasn’t decided its identity yet) will soon be forthcoming about his/her extended family as well. I don’t want to steal his/her thunder.” Humbly seeking your vote and support regardless of mine for you. Now get out there. Life is short. Celebrate! And use any public restroom you like!”

Senior Congressman, The Honorable,  Iwill Donothin Sumore


As a Psychiatrist, I tell you that MfM is sending us some fantastic business. Up until now us docs have mostly been seeing and treating one another. That is, in between the finance meetings we have with the Pharmaceuticals and politicians who help us to redefine the human existence in the light of Progressive Cultural Advancement. (PCA) PCA is what helps us to turn our head and cough as we assure the public of humanity that the “New Normal” includes conditions and lifestyles we have formerly treated as illness. It also lines our pockets with some crazy good money. Old labels such as deviant, abnormal, self-degrading, harmful, and psychotic are now worthy of celebratory parades. Why the shift in opinion? We owe it all to Men for More.” (And the money doesn’t hurt) Your friend and expert,                                                                                                                                                                            Dr. I. B. Slippininthenoggin

PS. We hope soon to discover the gene that proves empirically that we men are born this way. If not, we’ll make one up and create a pill to support it.


In a society with no standard for “normal” behavior, we wallow in insecurity and the quagmire of uncertainty. We yield to the squeaky-wheel or the vocal minority with a financial agenda. When such matters become merely a side-note in the political arena, they live or die with a budget demand.

When science and sociology have their way, we are reduced to genetic pools of random choice. When the law marches in, morality can be defined by the never-enough jail space. If these matters reach a “Supreme” court, well, need I say more?

If normalcy, as defined by Judeo Christian teachings, is rejected, then we see that a new normal will be defined by someone, and we see that money, not religion, is behind it all.


This silly edition of prognostication may well be just downstream. The water is certainly flowing fast in that direction. Who is left to stop it? It doesn’t appear that it will be the benign, materialistic, put-on-a-show, Retail-Jesus, Osteenified Church in America.


To the believers (followers of Jesus) at Corinth:
“Don’t be immoral in matters of sex. That is a sin against your own body in a way that no other sin is. You surely know that your body is a temple where the Holy Spirit lives.
The Spirit is in you and is a gift from God. You are no longer your own. 
God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God.”                                                
                                                                                                                        I Corinthians 6:18-20

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