Colin Kaepernick puts his money where his mouth is: Sacrifices everything to “Cops for Kids”.

San Francisco  8-18

Football giant, Colin Kaepernick now spends 10 hours a day living out all the bible verses tattooed onto his body. With a solemn vow to poverty, He has “GIVEN AND SACRIFICED EVERYTHING” for the cause he believes in the most. He quotes Jesus Christ and credits Him for the change. “Sell all that you have and give to the poor.”

Just after Mr. Kaepernick spoke these words, he donated all his savings, property and future wealth to the adventure he calls, “COPS FOR KIDS”.

“My not-for profit will educate and empower our families and police culture towards a better understanding through meaningful dialogue and interactive centers throughout America.

I am sorry for holding America hostage to do what I should have done all along. It took a benign NIKE slogan to wake me up to real sacrifice.”

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”,

is not just an impressive set of words to me,” said Colin. “These words are life to me. The cause I have begun may or may not be one you believe in or will fight for, but that won’t stop me from giving my all—my everything.”

“When you give to COPS FOR KIDS, 100% of your money will go towards the success of this program. We will practice full disclosure of every dollar given and spent and vow to keep greed out of the mix by bringing in people who have integrity and who live this cause.  I will deliberately be living on a fixed income similar to enlisted military men and women, the police, firemen and teachers in this country–hence my vow to poverty”   -Colin Kaepernick

At the time of this printing, NIKE officials were considering dropping Colin for his use of bible verses. He and his Christianity (tatoo version) are deemed hateful, bigoted and racist.

Colin responded, “I didn’t think NIKE would understand my decision and I don’t expect them to either. They are a company whose job is to make money. We used each other for a season, but that has now ended.”


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