NU-VOICE — Why Adulterous Straight Christians Stir Controversy

August 2018

Just last month, Revoice, “Christians with same-sex attractions”, met in St. Louis. They had over 400 in attendance.

And not to be outdone, RE-TAKE, “Kleptomaniac Christians” are hoping to fix their “from birth” proclivities to theft without changing the bibles preachiness about the evils of stealing. They will be meeting next month in an “abandoned” warehouse on the south side of town. Date and actual location are withheld for security reasons.


This month, over 40,000 courageous “Adulterous Christians” (opposite-sex-attracted) gathered in St. Louis to “reinforce our understanding and commitment to Christ and marriage as ‘one man-one woman for a lifetime’”. They are calling their tribe, “NU-VOICE”. And while their cause is nothing new at all, their campaign is a first.

Members of all ethnicities gave stirring speeches about how very difficult it is to have been born with an attraction to the opposite sex. Men report “wanting to have multiple sexual relations”. They also herald “their struggle with lust”, as being their Achilles’ heel. Many, if not most, of the women here describe “emotional abandonment” as the driving force in their temptation to sin.

One attendee commented, “This has been a lonely road to walk. The LGBTQ community has only just begun to see and feel what we have felt all along. The church can be a very brutal place where other Christians somehow feel a moral superiority and they act it out”.

Many church leaders in St. Lois have denounced NU-VOICE as just another attempt at legitimizing affairs, adultery and polygamy. Wallow Insin, pastor of the Fundamental Just the Facts Church, commented, “When these people finally decide that it is sinful to sin with members of the opposite sex, we will have made some sinless progress. In our church, we do not allow our men and women to look at each other with lust. Our Anti-lust deacons see to it.”

At the time of this reporting, three of these “anti-lust deacons” were in attendance here at NU-VOICE.


The Pope announced his support for NU-VOICE but was away supervising land acquisitions and deciding on which “petrol-free” car to purchase for his next visit to America. Now we can fully appreciate how he became Pope. Who else could so effectively ignore the minor skirmish of pedophile-priests in his church so that he can  “save the planet from green-house gases.”?

He also wants to teach the Americans how to be conservative and pure in motive and action. His theme, “ALWAYS CONSIDER THE PERSON”, is at the forefront of his actions. This is how so many priests have escaped trial and jury for sexual abuse of minors. He always considers them. Victims of priest abuses are not to be considered unless the Catholic church is forced to do so.


NU-VOICE plans to meet in Las Vegas at the Savvy Dice and Convention Center next year on August 12-15.

REVOICE is joining with the LGBTQ communities in instituting a new state of mind/disease, “gaypronitus”, into the Harvard Medical Dictionary. The Christianized spelling will be “Gay-pro-nitus-christus”.

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