10 Need-to-know Islamic facts

1—Christians are constantly being reminded of the “separation of church and state”.

While this “separation” idea is not expressly written in the Constitution, it does remind us that pluralistic countries, such as the United States of America, are governed by laws and constitution, not by religions and their gods. And yet, these expressly written laws allow for the freedom of worship and religious activity, but do not sponsor, require or demand them.

Orthodox Islam is different—the exact opposite.

In the Qur’an, no lines are drawn to divide the secular and spiritual lives of the followers of Allah. The Muslim religion IS their Law, faith and governance, all in one.

2–Government of the people, by the people and for the people = Western Representative Democratic

Government of the Sharia, by the Quran, and for the submission to Allah = Islam

If you want a country where your government is your religious lord, then Islam is for you. Your freedom to worship whomever, whenever, or if at all, is restricted and taxed.

3-How then can a Shari’a governed Muslim coexist with Democracy and Pluralism?


Attempt to conform to that countries constitution as if it is their own Shari’a.

-Rebel against the countries law and constitution and thus become law-breakers.

-Develop a “parallel society” where Islamic Sharia is enforced alongside of State and Federal law.

-Lay low and comply with patience as the number of Muslims increases. Have 3 or more  times the number of children as the European Westerners. Become a majority and change the constitution/law to reflect Shari’a Law. (see Europe)

4-The Shari’a Law is to the Muslim is as the Constitution, Old and New Testaments all combined for the Christian.

5-The Shari’a is the bedrock, the unalterable law for religious, social, political, ethical and governmental elements in life.

6-The Shari’a IS the Constitution for all Muslims deemed orthodox. “Moderate and Liberal” Muslims need not apply.

7-Secular Culture is a dominant, world-wide presence.

The Catholic Church hierarchy is doing their best to hold the line and fend off the attacks. As their numbers decline, especially in available priests, we shall see how hearty their orthodoxy can remain. Islam fully intends to see a day when the Vatican is a shrine to Allah. Equally, the Vatican wants to see the world branded Catholic.

8-The desperate Western Christian Church

continues to adopt more and more of its secular surroundings and even welcomes them into the church, not as visitors, but as the new normal. Well over half of its members under 30 fully support SSM, homosexuality and abortion. It’s decline in numbers is matched by its abandonment of the bible and all things Christian. This is great news for the Islamic desire to assimilate all such apostates.

9- For the time being, Islamic traditions are greatly weakened

as feigned attempt is made towards assimilation into Western democratic culture. Coexistence is impossible without some flex and bend of the Shari’a Law along with abrogation of the Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith.  The freedoms enjoyed in pluralistic democracies are both a blessing and a curse for the Muslim and Infidel alike. (Infidel is you and me–ALL Non Muslim)

For a Muslim, the “heathen” cultures of the West are both a mission field for new converts and a breeding ground for the failures of its own citizens to remain untainted by such evil. This is equally true for atheists, Christians and Jews–all infidels to the Muslim.

10-Who is Allah–Who is God–Who is Jesus—Who are we?

The Muslim answers the true/false questions like this:

True: Allah is the Supreme being, the creator.

False: God, Jesus and the Spirit are the Triune God.

False: Jesus was crucified for the sins of mankind.

False: Jesus was raised from the dead and will judge the earth.

True: Muhammad was the final prophet who superseded Jesus.

False: Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, beginning and the end.

True: Non-Muslims are Infidels destined for Allah’s hell unless they submit to Allah.

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