Ben and Candy Carson (the other story)

Eve and the fruit

According to Ben Carson, Adam was not much into dietary particulars. Why, if it were left up to Adam, he and the misses could have had Eucalyptus bark instead of Apple upside down cake for their evening meal on that fateful day. But, of course, Eve had the sweet tooth and Adam had the blaming down to a science. (This is where science and religion first came together, in fact–also where the Fig Newton was invented)

It wasn’t long after eating the forbidden fruit that decorations began. First order–Fig leaves, sewn together and strategically placed to cover their neckedness. I am certain that the kitchen and bathroom re-do was next. And everyone knows that these two rooms are the most expensive in the home. Better have a BIG budget–say like, $31,000.00. Keep in mind that this is but a fraction of what would later come: Designer animal skin outerwear and fine leather shoes.


Adam and Eve had to face God and offer their best excuse.

Ben and Candy had to face an even more powerful accountant, The House Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development. Had Adam and Eve faced these giant sub-committees, “Urban Development” would have a whole new meaning today.

In any event,

Adam “listened to his wife Eve.”

Ben “listened to his wife Candy.”

The rest is history in the making. Will men never learn?

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