Gender Poo-idity

Gender fluidity has reached the bottom, so to speak. First, same sex marriage, and now, once again, same sex bathrooms. Have we no shame or memory? Same sex bathrooms are quite old actually.

Just how did the Old Testament saints use the potty? Well, “Depends”. 

In the camp of the Lord, cleanliness was next to Godliness. They were to:

“set up a place outside the camp to be used as a toilet area. And make sure that you have a small shovel in your equipment. When you go out to the toilet area, use the shovel to dig a hole. Then, after you relieve yourself, bury the waste in the hole.”  (Deuteronomy 23:12-13)

I think this may well have been where more modern soldiers got the idea of land mines.

In the New Testament/Roman era, things had advanced considerably. (Emperor Charmin saw to it) Each person would sit on a long flat rock with dedicated holes in it. You and all your buddies, with little to no privacy, share a time of communal bliss. Underneath you is the flowing inspiration for the blockbuster movie, “A River Runs Through It”. It was here that men learned to do potty-chat like, “How’s that bad hoof on your camel Tom?”, and “Have you ever tried grilled scorpion?”. Or, “Gideon, just what did you eat for supper last night?”


So we head on up the road to my favorite unisex bathroom and yours—the outhouse. Honestly, I don’t know why it took so long to get the whole matter of body waste under control as we have it today. There really was a time when the entire family would share one room as their house and one place way out back of their house as their toilet. All sorts of critters lived there and when you went out into the night, tip-toing in the freezing cold, you never knew what you might find in that little wooden structure with a wooden seat prone to splintering. You hoped to set your lantern down to find a magazine or newspaper that you could both touch and read and you prayed that you found the toilet paper to be in good supply. One thing for sure, you could count on the odor being consistent. I hope these “progressive” politics of today don’t take us back this far.


Speaking of “poti-tics”. It is simple. According to the LGBTQ mandate, men (don’t wanna-be or used to be) have the human right of unbiased access to women and girls in public bathrooms and showers. Acknowledging or catering to the biological differences between men and women is outright discrimination against those who prefer same-sex relationships.

For example, 6.2 million children in the California school system are now required by law to accept any Transgender person (student, teacher, visiting parent, relative, or worker) who might want to share potty time with them. Transgender students also get to choose which sport they might want to participate in as well as their chosen gender shower time. Why no boy in his left mind would ever want to shower with the girls. Right?


On “the opposite end” of the debate we find yet another Governor all excited about the potential for segregated toilets remaining the norm. The North Carolina governor believes in the natural biological order of things. He rejects the notion that any man, sex offender or not, could choose to use the women’s toilet and or shower, simply by calling himself “transgender”. The Governor wants to thus protect and champion the rights of women and children (non-transgender) everywhere, especially in NC. A transgender who has been surgically altered to match their chosen (or chosen for them) gender must prove such surgery occurred before they may enter the restroom. (I suppose there will be gender and offender monitors posted 24/7)
Psychology and biology are now in round one, duking it out while theology and ecophysiology hope to make it a tag team fight. Allow politicians, Hollywood activists, and super rock stars like Bruce Springsteen to chime in and you’ve got yourself a real “movement”. Watch for giant corporations all across this country to welcome any and all to their corporate offices. When you get there, feel free to use whichever room you like to relieve yourself and with whomever. Just please don’t boycott them and stop buying their products. This could cause a real stink.


I can remember being in Japan rebelling against this whole bunch of men sitting in a tub bathing together thing.

In hind-site,

I should have hired myself a good lawyer, secured a bona-fide psychologist, executed a perfectly timed press release, and sued the pants off (no pun intended) the nation for duress and mental instability. I hesitate–for surely, further investigation would reveal a pre-existing condition. At least, that’s the way I feel reading the headlines as of late.

And I have two final, stereotypical, but accurate, questions.

– If a “male” is allowed go into the women’s restroom, who will then be responsible to place the lid back down when done?

– If a “female” can go into the men’s room, must she, by law, clean it before and after use? You want to trust this to the men?

So much for Gender Poo-idity.

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