My Sharia More (sung to Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour”)

–Glenn W. Harrell

My Shari’a More, pray to do these every day.

My Shari’a More, do not wander from the way,

My Shari’a More, these are all the lifestyles I abhor.

Those who would to Allah dare ignore,

Mosque and State they have no line.

Ah, la, la, la, la, la—Ah, la, la, la, la, la, la –

Sharia Law to the Muslim is as the Constitution to an American Citizen. It defines what is acceptable in both culture and society. It creates law and enforces said punishments. The Sharia Law came into existence some 200-300 years after Muhammad’s death and came to be systemized by the 10th century.


–Whereas Church and State are to be distinctly separate under the American Constitution, Shari’a Law knows no such division.

–Whereas the American Constitution elevates the “Will of the People”, Shari’a Law is the embodiment of the Will of Allah.

Shari’a is BELIEVE RIGHT, BE RIGHT, and DO RIGHT as defined and dictated in the Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah.

The Haddih (sayings of Muhammed) and Sunnah (Acts /conduct of Muhammed) are instructional text books that augment and refine Qur’anic teachings. These two writings, often combined as one today, contribute heavily to Shari’a Law.

Shari’a is a word that has come to embody many thoughts but at the heart of its meaning is the word “road.” (Sura 45:18)

Here’s how it works (or doesn’t) for the devoted Muslim. If the Qur’an forbids it, best not do it—If the Qur’an commands it, best do it. Like any other morality based religion, Islam forbids the vices and rewards the virtues. This road of moral absolute obedience and obligatory, demanded acts of religious ritualism, is “Shari’a”. It is the will of Allah! Period. Allah is now your government, society and your religion and there can be no other without punishment.

Unless…Unless you just happen to be a Muslim living in a country that applies the Shari’a law in yet another fashion. Unless you live in a democratic society that protects a Muslims right to free speech despite Allah. Then, there is quite the variance in the Muslim history and orthodoxy. Muslim is a “peaceful religion” only when its people are in a compromising minority or where they can reject/abrogate much of the Quran.

7th Century Fundamental Islam (still practiced in States like Saudi Arabia and Iran)

If a Muslim, (or non-Muslim) living in a Muslim country, were to steal today and be caught, under Shari’a Law, he could be expected to lose a hand, even if he should “repent”. Adultery and Homosexual acts are punishable by death of both partners.

Alcohol consumption and fornication yields a flogging. Women are property rights, owned by the husband who can own up to 4.

21st Century Moderate Islam (Turkey, Egypt and others)

They demonstrate quasi-religious devotion in the face of the purists and truly Muslim who follow the Quran literally and completely.

Coup attempts, and constant friction exists between the hard drinking–freedom loving, and the hard-liner Islamic factions.

Co-existence (moderation) continues to elude the extremes. Women are property rights. Husbands can own up to 4.

21st Century Liberal (USA-European Countries and others)

Muslims are asked to write-off (abrogate) the verses of violence and war against the infidels (that’s you and me). No longer can the men beat and whip their wives into submission. This liberal agenda doesn’t go over very well with a faithful Muslim man wanting to be true to Allah, Muhammed and the Quran. The entire world now is fighting the effects of Islamic Radicalization with Jihad. The world wants to water down all orthodox teachings of Islam and Christianity and it is doing a pretty good job of it.

Fewer Muslims and Christians are reading their Holy books, much less following their teachings and attending services. Still all ages are joining the battle for world morality and dominance in the name of Islam. Jihadists will have no abrogation of text.

Suppose Christians and Christianity were to attempt a universal subjugation of Biblical doctrine and moral code upon all the citizens of the United States of America, because “God had told them to do so”. JESUS LAW!


Christianity then becomes a national, moral code, complete with enforcements, whether you profess to be a Christian or not. All the recent Supreme Court decisions on sensitive issues like abortion, homosexuality, SSM and LGBT go away because, well, there is a new Supreme Court –Fundamentalist Christians who are convinced of their role and calling from God to clean up America.

If these US citizens won’t be moral and just on their own, then, by God, we will assist them. And it doesn’t end here. All of the world must also bow to the Christian God in full compliance. People can and may be forced by law. (And war if necessary) Do not burn the bible, speak evil of Jesus, brand any other religious symbols, or attempt to deny your assigned Christian belief. To do so is to lose your life.

The American people, many who are Christians, Catholics and Protestants, would never allow this to happen. We prize our freedoms of speech and religion. We value our pluralistic status. Democracy, as we practice it, prone to the seduction of greedy and immoral people, is still the best legal system out there.

Unlike Sharia Law, Christianity is good friends with Democracy because the bible teaches Christians to submit to the governing authorities whose job it is to punish evil and to protect the citizens. (as long as that is what they are indeed doing)

USA Christianity has seen a wholesale shift away from literalist, conservative biblical interpretation. “Liberal” Theologians have sponsored much of the unorthodox change in thought about the scriptures. Yet to my knowledge, none of these individuals are experiencing death threats or have already lost their lives for such activity. Would that the Islamic thinkers who teach differently from their conservative, fundamentalist counterparts also be free from such persecutions; and that such protection was a Sharia law.

Ask anyone in the European Union about Sharia. They are 10 years ahead of us. If we want to know what it is going to be like in USA Muslim dominant cities, we have a clear example before us. While the Muslim population is small, they must live temporarily, peacefully, democratically by the laws of the land. But they do not plan to remain small. They must grow and dominate the political environment just as their Mosque family.  As a majority, they can finally replace existing democratic and pluralistic structures with Sharia.

While Christianity teaches Christians to obey the law of the land and its leaders, Allah has no such intention unless it is Sharia in a Muslim land.

The Quran teaches faithful Muslim followers that to be loyal to Allah is to obey his laws, and that includes attempting a parallel government along side a democracy– the path to Sharia More!

More, not less, Sharia please.


“It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision.” –Quran 33:36





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