Drummer Celebrates Throne of Thrones

–Leona California  8-18

“King of Kings and Throne of Thrones” just happened to be the theme of a recent celebration. A new drummers throne for Bobby!

Bobby “Bash the Kit” Ballou spent thousands promoting his recent signing with a major drum company as a “registered performing artist”. He has indeed been endorsed by the DWW Drum Company.

What does this mean to the church he serves as “Praise and Worship Pastor”? Well, it means legitimacy and visibility. Bobby sees it this way.

“I am a tremendous influence for youth and children. (not to mention a fantastic drummer) They love my hair style and cannot be quiet about my wardrobe. I now sign at least a dozen autographs a week here at Rain-Maker Temple of God in the Highest Church. This worthy throne will extend my ministry and reach into the realm previously restricted to mortal man”.


Note the floor level kneeling bench for young worshippers

DWW remarks about the new drummers’ throne. “The custom throne made for Mr. Ballou is crafted from the finest woods and real gold leaf. Like Bobby, we were inspired by the bible on how best to build a throne worthy of the one who sits on it. As you can see, we have succeeded.”

Our office managed to receive a photograph of Bobby’s’ drum set. We were not allowed to post his personal picture due to copyright restrictions and the $22,000.00 royalty fee.


Here, we can notice that the drum set was reduced in size to fit the limited space on the performers stage, I mean worship platform. They had to make room for the new kingly drummer’s’ throne at the Rain-Maker church.

Now, just imagine the depth and regality of worship soon to be seen, heard and felt as Bobby leads in all his pastoral glory! We can only hope more churches have a “Bobby” who is talented enough (and humble enough) to command such a gift from an American drum company.

Bobby has adopted the following verse for his new ministry emanating from this throne.

“But I will settle him in mine house and in mine kingdom forever: and his throne shall be established for evermore.” I Chronicles 7:14

“Bash the Kit” Ballou will also be signing drum sticks to all who memorize this verse and quote it before the next concert, I mean worship service, at the Rain-Maker church. (satellite locations F— R only)

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