Falcon X Preacher gets a laugh

The Falcon X Project collapses and an argument ensues. (see picture above)

Two Oil Princes were certain that they would receive 45 million dollars from the American MEvangelist Jesse Duplantis. It turns out that the Falcon X (on left) and Falcon XB (on right) were not the Falcons God wanted for the American huckster/preacher after all.

jet preacher

Brother Jesse Duplantis had a good laugh over this one. He glibly notes,

“The Falcon that Jesus would fly must be able to circle the earth without stopping as I drop leaflets onto the poor people of the earth to tell them about a Jesus who said,

Foxes have dens and birds (falcons) have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.’ (Luke 9:58)

Nah—just kidding. Why would I ever reveal, much less promote such a Jesus as that?”

The Reverend Duplantis went on to further indict himself by reminding us all that the Jesus he speaks of in public is not to be confused with the one in the bible.

This didn’t seem to bother most of his followers who plan to give him the money he needs to purchase the “heavenly aeroplane” anyhow. They love the rush and feelings of vicarious power as they associate with, and prop up the one who “hears God speak” and who has much money/power—all things they lack and will buy at any cost.

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