Open Hands Publications

Opening up anything is quite often stressful. My wife and I are bee keepers, and somehow removing the lid and frames from the boxes always promotes a bit of anxiety. Opening our hands can also require determination, especially when doing so makes us vulnerable to people we have yet to vet for trust.

We hope to have writings and commentary that encourage the letting go of all that might posses us and hinder us from the necessary risks in life. Not all that frightens is worthy of such fearfulness. Wisdom teaches us the difference. Not all that feels good or tastes good supply what they advertise. But if we are discerning, they can prompt us to open our hands and our minds slowly while gracious caution is heard and felt tapping on our hearts door. Not all that comes across intellectually confident may contain sound wisdom sufficient for our journey. There is a truth however, and in it’s own security, openness and honesty, it requires none of us to believe. And yet it patiently waits for us to do so.

Watch your hands closely and examine them, for they are not far from a heart of the same posture.

It was Corrie ten Boom who said, “Hold everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open.”



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