Lenny “Logos” Herd – Chosen Guitarist–pedal board genius.

Lenny “Logos” Herd found himself at the very top of our Jesus Guitar world. (see his pedal board above)

How did he do it? Most feel that it is his God-given ability to design and operate the most goliath religious pedal board in history. He is a truly awesome leader.

Unlike most guitarist who feel the need to brag and over-inform about their holy-gear-for-God, Lenny has kept a low profile—even-keel about it all. That is until now.


It all started last week when the church Pastor had a vision about Lenny just after pizza lunch. While dozing at his desk, he saw a light and a stage with fog rolling calmly while heavenly notes soared from Lenny’s Custom Shop Fender Strat (complete with holy grail pick-ups) and as adoring fans (some call them worshipers) with hands held high swayed to the music.

Important note: Lenny recently signed with Peavey to play exclusively through their Sanctuary Series Speakers.

fog vision

“I felt the Holy Ghost like never before”, pined the popular pastor. “I had a vision where I was told to remove the pulpit—put it to the side, and place Lenny’s glorious pedal board there in its place. I was then obedient to the heavenly calling. The tones and sounds we now hear in our worship are second only to Lenny himself. Most Sundays after he plays with the house band, I am too overcome to preach. What a gift is Lenny and thank God for pedal boards!”

Lenny was too shy and humble to comment any further and preferred not to comment. At the time of this writing he was busy adding a new secret spiritual weapon. We were able to see this essential-to-worship device. It is a Krikel Meanor—Slice Tone Defibrillator with a 9 pin 12AX7 modified twin diode collector for tone ramification. Sorry but we were not allowed to take a picture.

Lenny stated concerning this godly-advanced pedal,

“Krikel is a Christian pedal builder. I would never use a non-Christian pedal. This one has a dedicated holy ghost knob that goes to 12! I’m sold Krikel—you juiced this one up serious–thanks brother.”


Note: Lenny “Logos” Herd is signed with the Fone-EEE talent agency and pictures of this beloved artist are not allowed.

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